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Assembly 809
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Recognize our Military Brother Knights We have received the following letter from our Supreme Master, Joseph P. Schultz. If you know of a brother knight serving or has served in Iraq and Afghanistan please read and respond with the information requested.


Worthy Faithful Navigators and Worthy Grand Knights:

Members of the Knights of Columbus who have served or are still serving in Iraq and    Afghanistan have quite literally placed their lives on the line to preserve the freedom so dear to all of us in the United States and to offer that same freedom to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. Theirs is an act of patriotism and heroism carried forward in the best tradition of the United States armed forces.

 The Supreme Assembly wishes to recognize these brave men in a special way, but to do so, I need your help. The goal is to present each member of the Order who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom with a special certificate of recognition and gratitude from the Supreme Master. 

To make the project successful I ask that you send me the names of those from your assembly or council who have served or are still serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. Please include the memberís name, address, membership number, council or assembly number, branch of service and rank. Your faithful comptrollers and financial secretaries should he able to help with this. 

Once you have the information please send it to the attention of the Supreme Master, Knights of Columbus, 1 Columbus Plaza, New Haven CT 06510.

 Thank you for your kind attention to this matter and your help in completing the project.


 Joseph P. Schultz

 Supreme Master



















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