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  In October of 1915 the Assembly was formed and William Dolan was named the first Faithful Navigator of the Assembly.  The Assembly was associated with Council 400 and all members of the Assembly had to be members of Council 400.  As the Knights of Columbus grew in size in the greater Columbus area more Councils were formed, but to be a member of the 4th Degree you still had to belong to Council 400. 

  In January of 1945, Supreme accepted the recommendation that Assembly 809 allow members of Council 2898 to also join the Assembly without transferring to Council 400.  This then changed the Assembly from the Columbus Assembly 809 to the Columbus General Assembly 809.  The Assembly, and many other Fraternal organizations experienced a large increase in membership at the conclusion of World War II.

  Slowly more Councils were formed in and around the Columbus region and their members were also allowed to join Assembly 809.  The Assembly did not have a permanent meeting place of their own and met a variety of places over the years including St. Joseph Cathedral, the Salesian Hall in Downtown Columbus and several other locations. 

  Around 1976 FR. William Huber joined the Assembly (the Assembly had found a strong member in the 4th Degree).  He became the Faithful Friar in 1976 (which he held until his death in 1998). 

  In June of 1998, our beloved Faithful Friar FR. William Huber died.  Over 250 Knights from all over the country attended his wake   service and funeral (making this perhaps the largest turn out that Columbus has seen at a members funeral).  Shortly after his death, a resolution was made asking that the name of the Assembly be changed to the Columbus Father Huber Assembly 809.  Supreme granted this request in 1999.

  Membership reached 400 Sir Knights by the early 1990's and still there was only one Assembly in Columbus.  Late 1994, there was a movement to form a second Assembly in the Northern part of Columbus and The Holy Martyrs Assembly 2380 was formed.  This Assembly drew from 809 and membership went to approximately 235 members.  Since then membership has increased to the current 290 members.

  In May of 2002, a third Assembly (Bishop Herman 2727) was formed on the Far West side of Columbus and the once again the Assembly 809 supplied members for the newest Columbus Assembly.

  Thought the good times and bad times the Columbus Assembly 809 has been a visible voice of the Knights of Columbus in Central Ohio.  Our members have been and are Priests, state deputies, political leaders, White and Blue collar working men.  We are proud of every member for what they have accomplished and what they will continue to accomplish in the future.  We are proud to have over 70 Priest and Deacons among our ranks including Bishop James Griffin of the Columbus Diocese.

History compiled by Sir Knight Lawrence (Larry) James.

We are the Columbus Father Huber Assembly 809

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